Mikron HPM 1850U

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High performance milling versus high speed milling - the one cannot replace the other! While with high speed milling the objective is to create as much surface on the workpiece as possible in the shortest possible time, the objective of high performance milling is to remove as much material as possible as efficiently as possible.

Efficient rough as well as precise finish machining

Mikron HPM machines are intended for the universal production of high-quality parts with 3, 4 or 5 axes. State-of-the-arte motor-spindles, direct drive round and swivelling axes and the solid machine body offer the very best conditions hand in hand with modern tools to achieve precise and economical production.
Mikron machining centers are characterised by unusually good ergonomics. The Mikron HPM 1850U engenders confidence based on the unparalleled levels of access offered, independent of the respective configuration of the machine.


  • Highest precision and best surface finish in this range
  • Compact solution even with integrated Automation
  • Great ergonomics
  • CNC choice upon application



X, Y, Z travel 72.834 x 55.118 x 28.346 in
A-axis -20 /+120 °
C-axis n x 360 °
Working spindle (40% ED, S6)
Torque 40% ED 15 000 (HSK-A63) rpm
Feed rate
Feed rate X, Y, Z 15 m / min
Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z) 40 m / min
Direct drive table
Clamping surface Ø 62.992 (2.48) in
Pallet size 1000 x 1250 (39.37 x 49.21) pcs./mm/mm
Max. load 3858.05 lb
Control unit
Heidenhain iTNC 530