FORM P 900

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The AgieCharmilles FORM P sinker EDM solution takes the management of deep ribs to new levels of respect for details of form and surface finishing while advancing manufacturers’ cost efficiency and machining speed. GF Machining Solutions’ die-sinking EDM know-how is fully embedded in the FORM P series through its EDM process management. Our Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG), in association with innovative feature iGap, maximizes the material removal ratio by generating the best EDM spark settings in keeping a perfect surface finish accuracy.


  • Compact and rigid mechanical concept 
  • Linear glass scales: lifetime accuracy
  • Thermostacilization 
  • Accura C-axis: the best high-performance axis on the market
  • Ulitimate in ergonomics
  • Fastest graphite technology
  • Fast polishing of deep 3D shapes
  • High autonomy and reduction in dead time 
  • Increased autonomy without manual intervention



Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z 900 x 700 x 500mm
Machine dimensions width x depth x height 2970 x 3100 3320mm
Weight total without dielectric 7000kg
Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H) 1814 x 1215 x 700mm
Max. electrode weight 50kg
Max. workpiece weight 3000kg
Bath level 100 - 630mm
Dielectric unit
Capacity 2500l
Number of filter elements 6
Generator type ISPG Integrated
Max. machining current (option) 80 ( 140) A
Minimum surface roughness (Ra) 0.1µm