SwissDT 13

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The Swiss DT range of Swiss-type lathes is designed to meet the various requirements of typical long and short turned parts. Designed to machine bars of up to 13 and 25.4 mm in diameter, these simple and easy-touse machines allow you to achieve measurable production improvements. Thanks to advanced technical features and its efficient five-axis kinematics, the DT range is perfect for all your turning and milling tasks.

The Versatility To Face Any Challenge

The Swiss DT 13 is equipped with two motors which can drive numerous rotating tools. The 4 positions on the counter-operation block are modular, enabling advanced tooling to be added.

Main advantages:

  • Proven kinematics featuring five linear axes and two C axes
  • Work with or without guide bush according to your workpiece requirements
  • Modular machining area
  • Liquid-cooled built-in motorized guide bush with synchronous motor



General Specifications 
Max. Width 870 mm
Max. Length 2122 mm
Height 1720 mm
Weight 2300 kg
Cutting Oil Tray Capacity  170 l
Coolant Pump Power  0.44 kW
Main Spindle 
Max. Bar Capacity  10 (13) mm
Standard worpiece length with rotating guide bush  180 mm
spindle rotation speed 0-15,000 rpm
spindle Power 4.0 (5.0) kW
Max. torque 12 Nm