DMP Flex 350

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The DMP Flex 350 enables more efficient production of very dense, pure metal parts and includes improved gas flow technology for improved uniform part quality across the entire build area. Flexible, high throughput, high repeatability metal 3D printer that generates high quality precision parts with maximum part size 275 x 275 x 380 mm from the most challenging alloys. Upgradable to DMP Factory 350 solution.

  • High repeatability for high quality parts
  • High throughput metal 3D printing
  • Low TCO for affordable per part costs 

Robust, Flexible Metal 3D Printer for 24/7 Part Production



Main Specifications
Machine dimensions * 2370 x 2820 x 2670
Machine weight 3940 kg
Working Area
Number of laser 1
Laser power type (Fiber laser) 500 W
Max. build envelope capacity* (W x D x H) 275 x 275 x 380 * mm
Max. feature size 100µm
Minimum wall thickness 150µm
Typical accuracy ± 50 minimum (± 0.1-0.2%) µm
Layer thickness 10 - 100 (Preset: 30 and 60) µm
Repeatability X, Y, Z 20 x 20 x 20 µm
Numerical Control
Software tool 3DXpert all-in-one software for Metal AM
Control software DMP software suite