BA 1008 XT

The configuration of the BA 1008 XT significantly increases the machining options, enabling the manufacture of parts previously impossible to produce. It can house up to 8 spindles and two tool changers for a maximum capacity of 23 tools.

Productivity And Precision 


  • Ergonomics and design based on the BA 1008
  • Up to 23 tools !
  • Precious metal machining

Types of workpiece:

  • Link
  • Bridge
  • Clasp blade


Length 2400 mm
Width 920 mm
Height 1600 mm
Weight 950 kg
X/Y/Z Travel 26/160/60 mm
U/V/W Travel  26/160/35 mm
Rapid Feed 16
Feed  10 to 5000
Control Type Fanuc 0i-MF
Max. Number of Axes 12
Simultaneous Axes 4
Rigid Tapping From S0.6 to M5
Micro Rigid Tapping  From S0.3 to S0.6