EvoDECO 32

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The EvoDECO range represents the pinnacle of the Tornos offering. Designed for the most demanding machining operations and users, EvoDECO machines are the most powerful and productive on the market. Their unparalleled flexibility allows them to efficiently produce the most complex parts while ensuring rapid setup changes.

Productivity & Performance 

EvoDECO 20 and EvoDECO 32 Up to 27 tools, including 17 rotating positions.

These machines benefit from 4 independent tool systems for maximum modularity. It
is possible to engage 4 tools simultaneously, i.e. 3 in main operation and 1 in secondary operation. Roughing/finishing, differential mode (stroke progression) and the option to perform secondary operations during concurrent operation time are just a few of the advantages of these machines.


General Specifications 
Max. Length 2289 mm
Max. Width 2070 mm
Max. Height 2580 mm
Weight Approx. 3800 kg
Cutting Oil Tray Capacity 220 L
Coolant Pump Power  1.1 kW
Max. Pressure 5 bar
Coolant Pump Flow Rate 43 l/min
Main Spindle (Z11/S11/C11)
Max. Bar Capacity  32 mm
Standard Workpiece Length with Guide Bush 260 mm
Spindle Rotation Speed 0 to 8,000 rpm 
Spindle Power 9.5 (12.5) kW
Max. Constant Torque 19.6 (28.8) Nm
Stoppage time (10,000 rpm to 0) 0.8 sec
Mild Steel Drilling Capacity 14 mm
Mild Steel Tapping Capacity  M12