MultiSwiss 6x16

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Thanks to its similarities with single-spindle turning machines, the MultiSwiss 6x16 has won over many customers, enabling them to cut staffing costs. Easy to use, ergonomic and precise, it provides benefits when replacing a single-spindle turning machine thanks to its footprint and the superior productivity it offers. The MultiSwiss allows you to meet your customers’ needs as quickly as with single-spindle machines, with the added advantage of being able to produce high-quality parts with excellent precision and impeccable finishes

The Small Diameter Champion 

MultiSwiss 6 x 16, the MultiSwiss range trailblazer. Quick, flexible, and accurate, it has become an industry benchmark.


Technical Specifications 
Bar Capacity  4-16 mm
Max. Part Length 40 mm
Max. Remnant Length 70 mm
Barrel Indexing Time 0.40 sec
Max. Spindle Speed 8000 rpm
Spindle Output 5.60 kW
Spindle Torque 7.5/10.2 Nm
Counter Spindle Max. Speed 8000 rpm
Counter Spindle Motor Output  5.00 kW
Counter Spindle Motor Torque 8.00/10.00 Nm
Spindle Z Stroke 50 mm
Counter Spindle Z Stroke  150 mm
Number of Linear Axes 15
Number of Y Axes 1 (option)
Number of Rotating Axes (C Axis) 6+1 (option)
Number of Cross Slides for Main Operation 5+1 (cutting)
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Main Operation 40 mm
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Main Operation with Y Axis 55 
Y Stroke of The Transverse Slide for Main Opperation  30 mm
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Back Operation  75 mm
Z Stroke of Corss Slides for Back Operation 150 mm
Max. Number of Tools  18
Max. Number of Tools for Back Operation
Max. Number of Rotating Tools for Back Operation
Spindle Cooling Oil 
Cutting Oil Filtration  50 μm
Oil Tank Capacity  900 l 
Standard Cutting Oil Pump                -Outlet Pressure                               -Flow Rate  4.30 bar            100 l/min
High-Pressure Pump (Options)         a) Outlet Pressure                                Flow Rate                                  b) Outlet Pressure                                 Flow Rate  40 bar               37 l/min             80 bar              36 l/min
Max. Length  5920 mm
Max. Width  1440 mm
Max. Height  2120 mm
Weight  7000 kg
Installed Power   59 kW
Numerical Control   fanuc 
Programming System   TB-DECO ADV