Mikron MILL P 500 U

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The Mikron MILL P 500 U / 800 U  are a very robust, stable and accurate machining center in a gantry-type design. This five-axis Milling solution is designed for high-performance machining applications. For best accuracy and surface finish by simultaneous operation, the machine has water-cooled direct drives in the rotary and swiveling axes. This machine ensures precise machining applications in both single item and fast, productive serial production.

  These machines are for both precision part manufacturers active in the aerospace, machinery & defence industries, general mechanic industries and precision mold makers active in industries such as automotive and home appliance.  

Accurate parts achieved with dynamic performance

The Facts

  • Greater accuracy in shorter machining times 
  • Increase in the workpiece surface quality as well as the surface and shape accuracy
  • Recognition of critical machining strategies
  • improved process safety
  • Higher availability 
  • Better opperating comfort
  • Considerable increase in reliability in unmanned operations