CT 20

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As your gateway to the world of Tornos, the CT 20 is designed to meet specific needs related to the manufacture of all types of components. Its intuitive setup and operation, ergonomics, productivity and power guarantee quick return on investment.

The CT 20 offers a range of options and adapts to your needs. Capable of operating with or without a guide bush, this solution’s performance is maximized by its proven versatility

Combining Power & Productivity 

CT 20 has up to 27 tools, of which 11 are rotating. The machine can be equipped with up to three spindle drives for the rotating tools for both main and counter operations. The CT 20 can be equipped with thread-whirling and polygon operation devices or a slotting unit for counter operation.



General Specifications 
Max. Length 2050 mm
Max. Width 1270 mm
Max. Height 1670 mm
Weight 2400 kg
Electrical Mains 50/60 HZ
Power Supply 15 kVA
Coolant Tank Capacity 210 L
Standrd Coolant Pump Power  250 W
Main Spindle (Z11/S11/C11)
Max. Bar Diameter 20 mm
Max. Spindle Speed 10,000 rpm
Spindle Drive Power 2.2 (3.7) kW
C-Axis yes
Standard Workpiece Length With Guide Bush 210 mm