Mikron MILL S 500 Graphite

The Mikron MILL S 500 GRAPHITE is a high-speed Milling machine dedicated to graphite machining. With its experience in tough high-speed Milling in combination with a dedicated three-axis graphite machine, GF MS provides the optimum solution for dry graphite Milling. The unique design provides clean, dry graphite machining for high accuracy, surface quality and dynamic processing.

Process stability, parts quality and shop floor productivity are must-haves for customers’ production of the graphite molds that are shaping the glass for today’s fast-moving ICT and automotive markets. New products—like high-end curved touch screens—require molded glass and drive the increasing need for machined graphite molds. The MILL S 400/500 GRAPHITE makes those impeccable 3D glass products—and more—possible. Graphite mold manufacturing for glass end products presents specific manufacturing challenges. They require ±5 µm precision, Ra 0.4 µm surface finish and they must be absolutely free from milling marks.

High Speed Milling In Compact Format




Main Specifications
X, Y, Z travel 500 x 450 x 360 mm 
Working Spindle (40 % ED, S6) 30 000 (HSK-E40) / 13.5 / 8.8 rpm / kW / Nm
  42 000 (HSK-E40) / 13.5 / 8.8rpm / kW / Nm
Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z) 61 m / min
Table Size 590 X 450 / 200 kg
Tool Magazine (inc. Pallet)  18 / 36 / 68
Heidenhain  iTNC 530 HSCI