MILL X 600 U

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Part production with highest productivity and quality the MILL X U machine range offers productivity and a high dymnamic to get fastes process speed. With the machines optimised thermal management system and the possibility to integrate automation the MILL X U range is the perfect mach for customer which are looking to optimise there processes. 

Precision & Quality For Your Production

The MILL X U Series has the fastest 5-Axis HSM precision solution with a optimised machine design to automated and get a reliable system for 24/7  5 axis machiining production.



Travel X. Y, Z  800 x 600 x 500 mm
Swiveling Axis Tilting Axis +30/-110 / nx360 °
Working Spindle (40% ED, S6) 46,000 (HSK-E50)/ 33 / 21 rpm / kW / Nm
Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z 100 m / min
Rapid Traverse (Swiveling, rotating)  60 / 150 rpm 
Clamping Surface / Max. Load in accordance with pallet / 210 mm / kg
Tool Magazine 18/36/168/308  (HSK-E40) // 15/30/60/120/170/220 (HSK-E50) piece 
Automation Pallet Size Number mm piece  GPS 240/10 // Dynafix 280/7, 350/7 // UPC 320/7
Automation-Max. Load (incl. pallet) 90 kg
Control Unit- Heidenhain iTNC 530