AgieCharmilles FORM 1000

The AgieCharmilles FORM 1000 is equipped with a fixed table. The work tank and the dielectric level are automatically adjusted to the workpiece height, which allows comfortable access to the work zone for the operator. The machine has a standard granite table which, located at a lower level, offering the advantage of a high distance between table and quill for standard workpieces and electrode dimensions.

Great flexibility for standard and micro applications

The AgieCharmilles FORM 1000 is equipped with a powerful control, including new features tailored to the needs and applications in micro erosion. The direct import of data of the workpiece and the electrode, a system of integrated management of work and mode of data entry is identical to that of a PC are other prominent features of the Vision 5 command, which allows you to perfectly match the needs of modern workshops.

  • Mastering all aspects of the mm3 world
  • High degree of autonomy thanks to the integrated automation
  • Generator with a large range of technologies for standard application and micro machining
  • Module iQ for zero wear with electrodes in graphite and copper
  • User interface with functionality dedicated to Micro machining


Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z 220 x 160 x 250mm
Working range
Positioning resolution X, Y, Z 0.1µm
Workpiece and electrode
Max. electrode weight 5kg
Max. workpiece weight 35kg
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H) 550 x 330 x 250mm
Dielectric unit
Capacity 420l
Minimum surface roughness (Ra) 0.05µm