Versatility with the highest production quality level is the outstanding strength of this vertical grinding machine. It demonstrates its capabilities particularly in the manufacture of bearing rings, where optimum runout characteristics are required for maximum smooth running. Equipped with rotary table and fully automatic tool changer, this vertical grinding machine can master other functions in addition to grinding.

Huge Versatility At The Highest Performance Level

Whether turning, milling, drilling, reaming or boring, this system delivers the same impressive results. The vertically arranged spindle swivelling in the range of ± 50° offers plenty of space for machining a wide variety of workpieces. An interchangeable spindle measuring probe guarantees that each individual workpiece is machined in a single clamping with consistently high perfection.



longitudinal stroke mm 1400 ... 2600
Travel speed mm/min 0 ... 20000
vertical stroke mm 450 ... 1200
Travel speed  mm/min 0 ... 10000*
transverse stroke mm 500
Travel speed mm/min 0 ... 10000*
Grinding spindle drive - power max. kW 30
Rpm range rpm 0 ... 15000
Grinding wheel peripheral speed m/s 35
- with key-operated switch switchable to m/s 50
Tool changer positions - grinding wheels   1 ... 16
Tool changer positions - measuring probe, drill   1 ... 24
Grinding wheel dimensions (external Ø x width x bore Ø) mm 300 x 150 x 76.2
Tool holding fixture HSKB-80    
Rotary table-Ø mm 800 ... 1500
* optionally m/min 20
(Subject to technical modifications)