MultiSwiss 6x32

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The MultiSwiss 6x32 shares the same base as the MultiSwiss 8x26 machine. As an option, the machine can also be equipped with three Y axes. Just as with the MultiSwiss 8x26, up to 4 tool positions, 2 of which can be driven, are available for back operations, allowing complex operations to be performed.

Perfect For Large Diameters 

Its powerful 11-kW motorspindles boast a high torque (16.1 Nm). Operating independently, they are all equipped with a C axis, including the counter spindle. Reaching speeds of 8000 rpm in only a few tenths of a second, they make a major contribution to the machine's performance. The maximum length of standard parts is 65 mm. As an option, the machine can be equipped with Y axes to further boost its workability. The machine is available in three configurations: without Y axis (entry-level); with three Y axes (intermediate); with six Y axes (complete) for the most complex parts.



Technical Specifications 
Bar Capacity  8-32 mm
Max. Part Length 65 mm
Max. Remnant Length 140 mm
Barrel Indexing Time 0.50 sec
Max. Spindle Speed 6000 rpm
Spindle Output 11.00 kW
Spindle Torque 20/27.5 Nm
Counter Spindle Max. Speed 8000 rpm
Counter Spindle Motor Output  11.00 kW
Counter Spindle Motor Torque 12.0/15.5 Nm
Spindle Z Stroke 75 mm
Counter Spindle Z Stroke  150 mm
Number of Linear Axes 17
Number of Y Axes 3 (option)
Number of Rotating Axes (C Axis) 8+1
Number of Cross Slides for Main Operation 5+1 (cutting)
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Main Operation 80 mm
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Main Operation with Y Axis 55 
Y Stroke of The Transverse Slide for Main Opperation  33 mm
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Back Operation  170 mm
Z Stroke of Corss Slides for Back Operation 150 mm
Max. Number of Tools  23
Max. Number of Tools for Back Operation 4
Max. Number of Rotating Tools for Back Operation
Spindle Cooling Oil 
Cutting Oil Filtration  50 μm
Oil Tank Capacity  2000 l 
Standard Cutting Oil Pump                -Outlet Pressure                               -Flow Rate  4.50 bar            140 l/min
High-Pressure Pump (Options)         a) Outlet Pressure                                Flow Rate                                  b) Outlet Pressure                                 Flow Rate  40 bar               37 l/min             80 bar              36 l/min
Max. Length  9000 mm
Max. Width  2260 mm
Max. Height  2160 mm


00 kg

Installed Power   140 kW
Numerical Control   fanuc 
Programming System   TB-DECO ADV