CUT P 800

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Repeatability and longer tooling life are “must haves” with component miniaturization and increasing production volumes. Achieve the accuracy, machining repeatability and finer surface finishes essential to your daily success with the new CUT P wire-cutting EDM series. Shorter time to market, larger product portfolios and zero-defect manufacturing call for shorter, more efficient manufacturing flows, more flexible production lines, and more reliable processes. Overcome these challenges with the CUT P series’ machining quality and efficiency solutions to optimize your production tool.

Increase Your Design Possibilities 

The time you spend cutting is the time you are making money. That’s why GF Machining Solutions optimizes your productivity and machine availability with SMART and connected solutions


Main Specifications
Type of machining  Submerged wire-cutting
Dimensions of complete equipment 2670 x 2874 x 2645 mm
Machining Area
Vertical sliding door Automatic
Max. Workpiece dimensions (top load) 1450 x 950 x 510 mm
Max. workpiece dimensions (front load)  
Max. Workpiece weight 3000 kg
Dimensions of table  1240 x 800 mm
Floor-to-table distance 1000 mm
Total volume of dielectric  1700 l
Main Specifications
Total weight of equipment without dielectric 6300 kg
X, Y, X travel 800 x 550 x 510 mm
U, V travel 800 x 550 mm
Max. speed (X, Y and U, V axes) 3 m / min
Integrated collision protection (ICP) Standard on 5 axes