Mikron MILL E 700 U

The Mikron MILL E U series is a dynamic, high-efficiency machine center for entry-level five-axis machining. It provides highly efficient and productive processing for all kinds of materials, including aluminum alloys and stainless steel. This solution’s economical design saves spaces and its ergonomics make it easy for your operator to use.

Efficiency & Productivity for 5-Axis Milling 

  • Produce your workpiece in a process-secure and precise manner
  • Increase reliability in unmanned operations
  • Boost the service life of the machine
  • Significantly reduce production costs




Main Specifications
X, Y, Z travel 700 x 600 x 500 mm
Swiveling axis tilting axis -65 /+120 / nx360 °
Working Spindle (40 % ED, S6) 12.000/20/88 - 20.000/36/120 rpm / kW / Nm
Feed Rate / Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z) 30 m / min
Feed Rate / Rapid Traverse (swiveling, rotating) 17/28 - 32/112 rpm
Tool Magazine DT 30 / CT 60
Automation pallet size number   mm piece UPC (320x320)/7 or Dynafix (350x350)/7
MTS or Delphine (400x400)/5 mm / piece
Automation - Max. load (incl. pallet) 450 - 450/450 kg
Control Unit - Heidenhain / Seimens iTNC 530 HSCI FS / 0i-MD