VDF 400 T

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  • The machine bed provides for the high accuracy and
    cutting capacity the VDF turning centers are known for
  • Pre-stressed hydraulic concrete machine bed for high
    surface accuracy
  • With the established, high performance main spindle
    drives, the VDF 400 T can be adapted to optimize
    individual applications. In combination with a 2-step
    geared spindle the VDF 400 T provides up to 3480 Nm
    torque for heavy-duty machining
  • Upper slide can be equipped with Y-axis for complete


High Performance Machining of Medium Sized Parts




Technical Data   VDF 400T
Turning Length mm 1300 / 2200
Turning Diameter mm 650
Swing Diameter Over Bed Max. mm 700
Main Spindle mm Direct Drive / Geared Spindle
Spindle Nose mm A11
Turret mm VDI 50 Radial