The new HELITRONIC VISION 400 with grinding wheel changer and robot loader has been especially designed for the mass production of rotationally symmetrical tools. Production and precision are two of its exceptional properties. Permissible diameters range from 3 to 315 mm, tool lengths can be up to 350 mm, each item can weigh up to 50 kg.


Mechanische Achsen

X axis 500 mm
Y axis 350 mm
Z axis 700 mm
Rapid traverse speed X, Y, Z     max. 15 m/min
C axis ± 200 °
A axis
Linear resolution 0,0001 mm
Radial resolution 0,0001 °


Grinding spindle drive

Max. grinding wheel diameter    254 mm
Grinding spindle speed 0 – 10,500 rpm



Control FANUC
Software standard    HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO


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