I-25 / I-45 Challenger Inverted Vertical Lathe

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The inverted traveling spindle, with workholding chuck, is positioned face down with tools positioned below the part. The inverted spindle makes auto load/unload very simple, rigid, and reliable. The spindle, on a compound X-Z axis cross-slide, loads/unloads a workpiece using the chuck as a part holder and part loader. The X-axis travel can be programmed to extend the spindle outside the machine envelop for pick-up and placement of the part on a part feed system. This eliminates separate load handling mechanisms and controls. With hundreds of tooling combination possibilities, the SMS Challenger is the most diversified multi-process inverted vertical lathe on the market.


  • Multiple-operations in one chucking ensures high accuracy and reduces cycle time.
  • Integrated automatic loading / unloading
  • Low cost per piece through high productivity
  • Easily accessible, generous working area
  • No setup is needed between operations; number offixtures required is reduced.



Specifications                     I-25-MP (In.)               I-45-MP (In.)

Max. Swing 16 22
Max. Turning Diameter 16 22
Max. Turning Length 11.8 15.7
Standard Chuck 15 20
Spindle Nose A2-8 A2-11
Max. Spindle RPM 4,000 RPM 3,000 RPM
Spindle Bearing I.D.  5.1 7.1
Spindle Power 20 hp 41.5 hp
X-Axis Stroke 69.5 78.6
Z-Axis Stroke 14.5 19.8
X-Axis Rapid Traverse 2,362 IPM 1,650 IPM
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse 1,181 IPM 1,181 IPM
Width 181 210
Depth 93 96
Height 101 130
Weight 15,500 lb 20,042 lb