AC-300-2 / AC-450-2 Accu-Cell

The Accu-Cell AC-300-2 / AC-450-2 are both high performance, twin spindle, vertical turning center that feature power, speed, accuracy, and reliability with an easy-to-access work zone for machining a wide variety of work pieces. They are very operator-friendly for manual loading at the front of the machine. Automation can easily be adapted via an overhead gantry or a robot loading cell to achieve greater efficiency and high production throughput capacity. The AC-300-2 / AC-450-2 twin spindle, heavy-duty machines, allow for great flexibility as a stand-alone unit, or linked into an integrated manufacturing system. They produce (2) parts per cycle. This flexibility allows for TWO of the same part, TWO different parts or, an OP10 to OP20 flip for greater production and versatility. These two models of large capacity standard machines, deliver superior flexibility, accuracy, productivity, and reliability. More machine for the money, and more than any other vertical turning machine of its class and capability.


Most versatile Twin Spindle Vertical Lathe on the market place



Specifications                     AC-300-2 (In.)               AC-450-2 (In.)

Max. Swing 16 24
Max. Turning Diameter 16 24
Max. Turning Length 14 19
Standard Chuck 12 15
Spindle Nose A2-8 A2-11
No. of Tools 8 or 12 6, 8, or 12
Max. Spindle RPM 4,000 rpm 3,200 rpm
Spindle Bearing I.D.  3.9 5.5
Spindle Power 25 hp 30 hp (40hp Opt.)
X-Axis Stroke 8 11
Z-Axis Stroke 14 19
X-Axis Rapid Traverse 670 IPM 690 IPM
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse 670 IPM 690 IPM
Width 105 120
Depth 102 126
Height 126 130
Weight 22,000 lb 25,000 lb