Mikron HSM 500 Graphite

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Highest accuracy, extreme dynamics and best surface quality. Incomparable accessibility, best ergonomics, and user friendly handling of the machine.


The universal approach for mold makers

The MIKRON HSM Graphite was built with the mold maker in mind. Utilizing high speed machining you are able to cut graphite electrodes and hardened mold inserts with the highest of accuracy. With its pyramid-shaped arrangement and O-shaped portal; its stability and vibration dampening characteristics ensure that you are able to replicate accuracy constantly. 

  • Small machine foot print
  • High speed spindle capable of operating at 42,000 rpm
  • Optical linear scales on X, Y, and Z axis operating with a measuring step of 20 nanometers
  • Smart Machine Features Advanced process System to increase the life-time of the spindle. Intelligent Thermal Control compensates for thermal expansion ensuring maximum cutting accuracy. Operator Support System to help reduce machine run times
  • Integrated dust removal system removing graphite dust efficiently from the work area.


X, Y, Z travel 19.685 x 17.716 x 13.78 in
Feed rate
Rapid traverse (X, Y) 20/42 m / min
Rapid traverse (Z) 20/42 m / min
Working Spindle
42000 min-1, HSK-E40 13.0/ 4.2 kW / Nm
Work table
Max. table load 440.92 lb
  iTNC 530