AgieCharmilles LASER P 400

Deliver highly accurate and repeatable results your valued customers expect. This one-ofa-kind Laser engraving, texturing and marking solution combines outstanding quality, efficiency, and femtosecond Laser technology in the smallest possible footprint. It is specifically designed for aesthetic and functional texturing of precision parts for watches and jewelry, small inserts, cutting tools and micro machined work pieces.

Driving your productivity in precision parts production

Ramp up your productivity and part quality with this leading-edge five-axis Laser solution. Use fewer electrodes and cutting tools and eliminate the need for costly raw materials. Machine your part in just one setup, limit human error and significantly simplify your manufacturing process.

Extreme texturing and engraving quality
Get clean, sharp results and absolutely burr-free texturing and engraving with no post-treatment steps required. Using an ytterbium pulsed fiber Laser in combination with a ultrashort pulsed Laser (femtosecond) you achieve exceptionally high quality.

Innovative texturing
Femotosecond Laser technology opens new possibilities for aesthetic nano textures, including ripple effects and spikes, as well as functional textures.

Your versatile solution

Nano and femto - 
Dual Laser offering more flexibility

Scalable to meet your specific current and future needs

Innovative to open new application horizons with sharp, clean engraving and Nano-level texturing

Robust for optimal dynamics and accuracy

Ergonomic for user comfort and more productivity per square meter


Main specifications
Machine dimensions 1230 x 2330 x 2490 mm
Machine weight (machine only) 2400 kg
Machine floor space 2.04 m2
Maximum workpiece dimensions 3Ax 5Ax 600 x 400 x 250 / Ø 120 x h 120 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 3Ax 5Ax 50/4 kg
Table size 680 x 400 mm
X, Y, Z travel 600 x 400 x 300 mm
Rotary 4 5 axis A 115°-105°/B 360° mm
Laser sources Multi-Laser sources nanosecond and or ultrashort pulsed laser
Power consumption Electrical 3 x 400 Vac + ground ; 6 kVA
  Pneumatic 6 bars 500 l h