AgieCharmilles DRILL 300

Designed and built in Switzerland, this high-precision CNC EDM Drilling machine is equipped with GF Machining Solutions’ latest digital generator and CNC, compact fixed table mechanics and high degree of autonomy and automation. It is a winning solution for any kind of hole machining with electrically conductive material like Inconel, titanium, steel and carbide in the aerospace, energy, cutting tools and mold and die industries.

High quality hole machining with five axes

Seven axis CNC
The standard configuration for the CNC axes are X,Y,Z,and W, with optional tilting/rotary table and tilting head. The AgieCharmilles DRILL 300 can control up to seven axes, the machine can drill any holes in a inclined surface with single setup, no more need for additional fixtures and spending time for workpiece alignment during multi-setup.

Minimum recast layer
Recast layer has significant influence on the fatigue lifetime and safety of the components in a jet engine. The AgieCharmilles DRILL 300 digital generator allows the finest pulse duration in a few microseconds. When “quality” technology is used, the recast layer can be dramatically reduced to a few microns. and the fatigue lifetime of the components can be increased accordingly.

  • The winning solution------for cooling holes machining in aerospace
  • High speed drilling ------ increasing the customer’s productivity
  • Fine hole quality ------ The new standard in hole EDM drilling
  • Powerful control------ to manage sophisticated hole machining
  • Lower operating cost------ saving money for customers
  • High degree of autonomy and automation------ for maximizing productivity


X, Y, Z travel 23.622 x 15.748 x 17.716 in
Workpiece and electrode
Max. workpiece weight 2204.6 lb
Max. workpiece dimensions (L x D x H) 39.37 x 27.559 x 19.685 in
Electrode diameter 0.012 - 0.118 in
Machine dimensions width x depth x height 55.118 (74.803 with tilting head) x 91.338 x 85.827 in
Weight total without dielectric 5511.5 lb
Electric supply
Maximum power consumption 4.5 kVA