Mikron HPM 1200 HD

The 3-axes machining centres Mikron HPM 600 HD and 1200 HD of the company GF Machining Solutions are extremely well suited for machining in the HPM (High Performance Cutting) area.

Ideal machines for increased machining demand

The workshop-ready Heidenhain control unit enables programming on the milling machine.
The Inline motor spindle, manufactured by Step-Tec in Switzerland, in combination with high feedrates, offers ideal conditions for precise high-quality parts.
Even deep hole drilling and machining processes characterized by difficult access have not been overlooked.

  • Robust polymer concret base and solid construction
  • Great ergonomics
  • High rigidity and reliable performance
  • Customizable and optimizable to fit to specific processes


X, Y, Z travel 47.244 x 23.622 x 19.685 in
Working spindle (40% ED, S6)
Torque 40% ED 20 000 (HSK-A63 rpm
Feed rate
Feed rate - Rapid traverse (X, Y) 40 m / min
Feed rate - Rapid traverse (Z) 30 m / min
Tool Magazine 60 (HSK-SK40) piece
Pallet size 600 x 600 (23.62 x 23.62) / 4 pcs./mm/mm
Pallet Size - Number (2) 800 x 600 (31.5 x 23.62) / 4 pcs./mm/mm
Max. load 1763.68 lb
Control unit
Heidenhain iTNC 530