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The compact manual fiber laser marking machine FOBA M1000 has been designed for the high-quality laser marking of small parts, medium sized components and work pieces and batches. Among others, the M1000 is ideally suited for laser marking autoparts, medical products, metal and plastic tools and general industrial products and components. The small and mobile universal marking workstation is also perfect for laser based contract manufacturing. The M1000 processes small metallic and plastic components but also batches both economically and in high marking quality.

It is ideally suited for manufacturers with low volume requirements or where space constraints demand an efficient solution. The workstation can also be cart mounted for mobility throughout a user's facility.

The desktop workstation is operated in laser safety class 1 and comes with a programmable Z-axis, a small worktable and a smoothly opening lift door – available either as manual or as optional electric lift door. When open, the interior space is accessible from three sides. In order to cover the broadest possible spectrum of applications, various fiber laser markers are available for integration.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive
  • Tool & Mold Construction 
  • Machinery Construction
  • Medical Technology
  • Plastic Processing Industries
  • Laser Contract Production

Product Benefits

  • Design: small and compact desktop workstation with automatic Z axis for a flexible and mobile use

  • Ergonomics: wide and easily opening door for a comfortable loading/ unloading, perfectly visible and accessible; optional mobile, height adjustable worktable

  • Productivity: small footprint, optimal accessibility, air-cooled laser systems, comfortable handling

  • Flexibility in operation, manual laser adjustment to the left, right, front and rear for the processing of larger components

  • Safety: machine complies with the EU safety regulations (performance level d)


Model & Availability
Model  Table-top fiber laser marking machine with programmable Z-axis
Available System Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300, Y.0201, Y.0301, Y.0500
Workstation Workspace
Workspace 17.7x9.8in | 450x250mm
Max Work Piece Weight Up to 55lbs (25kg)
Max Work Piece Size (WxDxH) 17.7x9.8x7.8in | 450x250x200mm 
Lift Door Manual opening, max doorway 16.9in (430 mm)
User Interfaces
  • Laser marking software FOBA MarkUS (on spearate, external, optional Windows 10PC)
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Operation via a laptop/all-in-one PC/remote PC

Programmable Z-axis

  • Travel 11.7in (298 mm)
  • Travel speed up to 0.78in/s (20mm/s) 
Dimensions (WxDxH)

23.6x27.6x30.7 (47.6) inches

600x702x780 (1,210) mm

Footprint 697.5in2 | 0.45m2

Housing: 121.2lbs |55kg

Marking Unit (laser): 11lbs | 5kg

Supply Unit: 44lbs | 20kg

Laser Class Laser Class 1 (according to DIN EN 60825-1)
IP Rating

Housing IP43

Supply Unit IP21

Electrical Requirements L/N/PE 100-240 VAC, 50/60 H
Power Consumption Depends on integrated laser system, above listed fiber lasers: 400VA
Temperature 41-95°F | 5-35°C

10-90% non-condensing

Scope of Delivery
  • Laser workstation M1000 with integrated Z-axis
  • Configurable laser system
  • Laser marking software MarkUS
Options and Accessories
  • Electric lift door
  • Vision systems IMP and Point & Shoot
  • Mobile worktable
  • Exhaust systems
  • Accuracy package