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FOBA C.0100 laser marker is small, short and compact. Just tailor-made for the manufacture of electronic components and devices in the electronic industry where space is often scarce.

C.0100 applies microscopic and fine laser marks on equally tiny components: Immediately, in zero-tolerance quality and anytime traceable – just as requested within the industry. FOBA C.0100 applies complex, variable data both on moving and static products and is therefore first choice for the application of permanent marks on electronic devices and boards.


Fields of Application

  • Electronics industry (manufacturing of components
  • Marking of circuit boards & components
    • Transistors, diodes, small ICs

Product Benefits

  • Small and compact: One-box design
  • In short: the most concise system in the market
  • Simple integration: compact construction, flexible software/interface concept, multilingual user interface, different beam-exit variants


Standard Configuration
Marking Unit Laser, Digital high-speed galvanometer scanners, one lens with lens protection, controller, I/O panel, built-in keypad, power supply, connectors, lamps, switches,, focus finder for adjustment of working distance
Beam Exit Straight 0 - 90 degrees
Marking Software FOBA Draw
Laser Sealed CO2 laser, power class 10W, central emission wavelength 10.6um
Laser Class  4 (60825-1:2008-05)
Focusing 4 lenses
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Poruguese, Chinese

Beam Shield, Exhaust Unit, Product detector/light barrier, Pilot laser, PC or laptop

User Interfaces
Integraged Keypad Start/stop buttons, LED lights for status, laser emission, error
Marking Software FOBA Draw (can be configured in 20 languages, including the scope of delivery)
Software Interfaces Ethernet (TCP/IP, 100Mbit LAN), RS232, digital I/O
Electrical 100-120V, 200-240 V
Auto Range 1 PH, 350 VA, 50/60 Hz