RAPTOR is a high-speed 5-axis machining center for milling, boring, routing, drilling and trimming medium to large size work pieces in composite materials, sandwich structures, resin and plastic. Rigidity and high dynamics are distinctive features of this range making it ideal for machining a multitude of components and products at high speeds with maximum milling performance. 

  • Aasy access & perfect visability
  • Dust extraction and ceiling enclosure 
  • Ideal cooling system
  • Simple & reliable tool magazine


X, Y, Z Stroke mm 2.800-4.000-1.200
X, Y, Z Axes rapid feedrate m/min 80-80-40
A Axis rotation   0° ÷ +115°
C Axis Rotation   ±270°
Spindle Power S6(40%)/S1 kW 31/25 or 22/20
Spindle torque S6(40%0/S1 Nm 65/52 or 60/48
Spindle speed rpm 16.000 or 28.000
DIN 69893-1 milling tool taper   HSK-A63