The TRAUB TNL32-11 is the latest addition to the successful TRAUB TNL32 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe series. Its signature feature is a front working attachment mounted on a cross-slide which raises the number of linear axes on the machine to eleven. This means the machine can perform simultaneous machining with three fully independent tools. This saves machining time – especially for components with a high proportion of drilling.

The front working attachment, which sits on an additional cross-slide moving in the X and Z-axes, provides the user with freely positionable tools, thus the use of up to three tools, simultaneously and independently of each other.

High flexibility with interpolating Y-axis in the front working attachment

In addition to the two linear X and Z axes, the front working attachment features a CNC circular axis. By the interpolation of the rotary axis with the X-axis and the C-axis of the main spindle, the front working attachment can also be used in the Y direction using an interpolated Y-axis. The particular benefit: when a drilling tool needs to be corrected to exact center, the necessary corrections can be simply performed via the CNC controller. That can be help with small parts which react with great sensitivity to even minimal offset errors.


The large clearance circle of the tool mountings of the front working attachment was chosen deliberately: its generous size allows simultaneous and collision-free machining together with the two tool turrets on the main spindle.

Eight additional tools plus one gripper station

The front working attachment makes eight additional tool stations available. Four of them are used to mount fixed tools, the other four are for live tools.

There is also a station for a workpiece gripper which can unload a machined workpiece from the counter spindle. A time-saving advantage: while the finished workpiece is discharged from the counter spindle, the next part can be machined with two tools at the main spindle.

With an output of up to 3.4 kW and a maximum speed of 12,000 revolutions, the tool drive in the front working attachment is extremely productive and designed for high power. The tool holders are robust with a mounting shank diameter of 36 mm.

Individually controllable coolant pressure of up to 80 bar is available at every station. One live station can be used as a deep-hole drilling station with a coolant supply up to 120 bar. The front working attachment can also be used as a tailstock when producing long components.