The modular design eight-spindle MS22C-8 multispindle automatic lathe opens up additional opportunities for already unbeatably fast multi-spindle parts machining, especially highly complex precision workpieces. It produces small batches efficiently and economically and may be bar-fed or loaded with chucked parts.

The INDEX MS22C-8 can be configured to operate as:

  • an eight-spindle machine,
  • a double four-spindle machine, dropping two complete parts at a time or
  • a machine with double rear end machining, featuring up to two swiveling synchronous spindles

Each of the eight spindles is assigned two cross-slides which can travel both on the X as well as on the Z-axis. Each cross-slide can be additionally equipped with a Y-axis.  Combined with a total of up to 16 cross-slides, the new eight-spindle machine is therefore a true multi-talent even for highly complex machining.

Fully capable of turning, off-center drilling and thread cutting, inclined and cross-drilling, milling, multi-edge turning, hobbing, tooth milling, deep-hole drilling and slotting, the MS22C-8 brings complex precision part production to a new level.

All standard tool holders and tool holder system interfaces can be used with a range of popular adapters (Capto, HSK, VDI, INDEX systems).


The new MS22C-8 in double four-spindle mode actually runs as two machines working with one another simultaneously on a single base. Every second tool station always has simultaneous access to the same tools. When operated as an eight-spindle machine, the drum indexing angle from spindle to spindle is 45°; if the machine operates with two times four spindles, the drum indexing angle is 90°. Results from double four-spindle machining: two finished parts are produced by the machine per work cycle.

In double rear end machining, there are six spindle positions available for front machining the workpiece and two spindle positions for rear end machining, and they all work simultaneously. With this approach, it is possible to machine both ends of a workpiece during two drum indexing cycles.

The INDEX MS22C-8 NC has many applications throughout industries ranging from automotive to medical technology