AgieCharmilles FORM 20

The AgieCharmilles FORM 20 / FORM 30 die-sinking EDM machines offer success-triggering features and excellent performance. Equipped with GF Machining Solutions’ Swiss-made generator, the AgieCharmilles FORM 20/FORM 30 are the market’s ultimate in EDM price/performance.

Swiss top technology with best price-performance ratio

The AgieCharmilles FORM 20 and AgieCharmilles FORM 30 are available with the optional GammaTEC technology to optimize machining performance for shiny surface finishing on big workpiece surfaces. Rapid and easy changing from this configuration to standard EDM gives you the advantage of having two machines in one.Notably, the Swiss-made generator and all the available features of the standard configuration make the AgieCharmilles FORM20/FORM 30 comprehensive partners in your production chain.

  • Outstanding  price /performance ratio
  • Solid structure for a reliable, stable operation
  • Versatile, reliable and easy to use
  • AC FORM HMI for increased productivity
  • Interactive graphical assistance
  • Embedded documentation


Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z 350 x 250 x 250mm
Machine dimensions width x depth x height 1000 x 1731 x 2372mm
Working range
Measurement resolution 0.1µm
Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H) 800 x 550 x 265mm
Max. electrode weight 50kg
Max. workpiece weight 200kg
Dielectric system
Reservoir capacity 270l
Standard machining current 80A
Best surface finish Ra 0.1µm