Mikron HPM 600U

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The High Performance Milling machines are intended for the universal production of high quality parts with 3, 4 or 5 axes.

A well thought-through gantry design for maximum rigidity and accuracy

GF Machining Solutions introduces the latest machine generation compact series in the Mikron HPM field. The Mikron HPM 600U is particularly well suited to customer segments, which produce high-quality but also voluminous and complex mold making and production parts economically and with precision. Due to its stable machine construction and directly driven circular and swiveling axes, the Mikron HPM 600U can be used for anything from heavy roughing work to precise finishing work.

  • Highly dynamic and reliable
  • Outstanding Automation integrability (back/front)
  • Unique Machine spindle protection (MSP) solution in all axis
  • Great dedicated options (polymer exhaust, Turning, etc.)


X, Y, Z travel 25.591 x 25.591 x 21.654 in
A-axis +91/-121°
C-axis n x 360°
Number of simultaneous axis 5
Working Spindle
Working spindle (40% ED, S6) 20 000 (HSK-A63) / 39 / 84 (52.3) rpm / kW / Nm (hp)
Feed rate
Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z) 45 m / min
Rapid traverse (A,C) 25, 35 min-1
Work table
Max. workpiece weight 1102.3 lb
Tool Magazine 30, 60, 115, 165, 210, 245 Positions
Max. load 1102.3 (11.02 axis) 1763.68 (6.61 axis) lb
Control unit
Heidenhain iTNC 530
Siemens 840D sl